How to Make Chair?

Friends, in which post I will tell you how you can make a wooden chair? It is very easy and the biggest thing is that it is not very difficult to make a chair. It is a very easy task, just for this you have to take care of two or three things that you have to keep the.

chair you are making clean. He has to be maintained properly so that he keeps going for years because what happens is that when you make a chair, you are not able to give time to clean that chair even now. As a result, the chair that is yours starts to darn in a very short time. If you start standing then that’s why I am going to tell you below how you will make this chair?
How Much we Need Woods
First of all you need wood, I have your chair, it is made of wood. That is why you need some wood to make a chair as well as some cartoons. You will pick wood from the forest. If you do not have a forest, then you were not standing by anyone that when you buy this wood, then you have to cut this technique in a good way because it is rectangular.
After cutting into the rectangular shape, clean the wood. With Suresh work from a dweller you have to clean it and after that cut this wood in a good design in which day you have to make a chair. First of all, you have to make four for the chair, which is very important, after making 4 seats, you will make after that you will have to apply a little oil on it, which will be oil, you will fly by making a wooden oil in the market. I will be found anywhere. After applying it, you will have to eat it for a while when it dries, then use fevicol again. After applying fevicol, apply it a little more in the sun.
After understanding all these things, you can start your work. Now you have to connect the timbers together. After connecting Lucknow, you make it a little distance and were to dry it a little bit and when it dries well then a sound will come out of it which will be like the sound cut after the cut. What you have to do is to keep it on the side. Now after that you have to add the two elements and after joining, you have to create a separate one, whose name is sitting plate.
After making the setting plate, you will have to give a little design in that setting plate, the setting plate with its design is going on a lot, you can also put a cut design in it which will look completely different and unique in this design If you fill color, it will bloom even more, you can use wooden color in color. Wooden color is very much in train nowadays. If you use it, it seems to look great and at the same time there is a lot of benefit, if you use wooden paint, then you will never have a problem. Never a caterpillar will be able to spoil this thing of yours and with this you have to protect it from the rain, when you tell it from the rain, then the best result of it is that your wood will never run which will be very important and will last.
Now you have to make the wood that the chair is ready to paint it a little bit, how are you going to paint it? I am discussing about three to four boys, the girl is moving a lot. To paint. After that the chair has to be colored with a little blue color as well. When you do this, you will see your Kurti red blue color in 3D design.
This is very good and people will also like the design of your chair in this way, you have learned how to make a chair now? Is very easy. A chair is made in a very simple way. There is nothing to do or not, just follow the above mentioned things and your chair will be ready. I hope you have learned a little bit about making a chair.
In the last word, you will say that your chair looks very beautiful now. Now you have to work on it a little bit and whatever is the meaningful part of it you have to do a little. After that this work will start and it will look very good, people will like this chair and you will remain like this for many years when this chair is kept a little safe.

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